Parts catalogues etc.  OMEGA  18 vols.

Parts catalogues etc. / OMEGA – 18 vols.

Provenance: Åke Falk urhandel, Stockholm. Most books carry the blue ownership stamp of B & Å Falk, 6 x 4,5 cms, with a falcon vignette. 6 volumes of Omega ”Catalogue des pièces de rechange / Spare Parts Catalogue / Ersatzteilkatalog”, numbered GF 620-1 (2 copies), GF 620-3 (2 parts), GF 620-4, GF 620-7. (3 are ring binders, contents not collated.) Contents mostly date from the 1950s. 5 volumes of Omega ”Utilisation et dimensions principales des pieces de rechange / Utilization and main measurements of spare parts”, numbered I-IV (ring binders, contents not collated, most date from the 1950s incl. 1960), and one unnumbered bound volume (1967). 2 ring binders cantaining inserts of ”Omega. Teknisk guide” / ”Technische Ratsgeber”, most are in the Swedish edition and date from 1958 to 1975. Contents not collated. 4 ring binders containing issues of ”Omega Express”, contents not collated, most issues date from the 1950s and 1960s. Include issue of July / Aug / Sept 1969 (Apollo 11). A. Kreuzer: Omega-Uhren (Klagenfurt 1990. New copy, shrinkwrapped) .

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