Timbuktu, 2 vol.

Timbuktu, 2 vol.

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TIMBUKTU (2). CAILLIÉ, RÉNÉ.Travels through Central Africa to Tmbuctoo; and across the Great Desert, to Morocco, Performed in the Years 1824-1828. In Two Volumes. I-II. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830.8:o. 23,5 x 16,5 cm. Mounted lithographed portrait, viii, 475, (1 blank, 4); xiv, (2 blank), 501, (3) pp. With 2 large folding maps and 5 engraved plates, of which 1 folding. First map torn near hinge. The folding plate misbound at p. 20 in volume I (instead of p. 75 in volume II). Some foxing. Later half cloth with marbled boards, trimmed upper edges. Armorial exlibris of Alexander Thomson of Banchory. 2 volumes.First English edition. Réné Caillié (1799-1838) is said to be the first European to visit Timbuktu and return alive.From the collection of Bengt Olof Kritz, with his exlibris.

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